Having overwhelming debt can put anyone in an anxious situation. Your car loans, credit card bills, hospital costs, medical bills and other financial obligations can bring so much agony to your life. Every phone ring alarms you, and not knowing when the next creditor will demand money from you can create anxiety. You begin to fear to face anyone who knocks on your door, as they might bring a lawsuit over unpaid bills. Then, you begin to wonder how much time you have to save the valuable things in your life or how long it will be before they’re totally gone.

With a slow job market, uncertain employment, and the ever-increasing number of commodities, it’s never easy to keep up with the daily expenses and demands of life. It becomes worse when you lose the ability to keep up with payments you agreed to because you were left without a job. You can reach the point of no longer being able to eat, sleep, or live a normal life.

Finances can definitely cause depression and make other aspects of life very overwhelming and difficult. With no end in sight, you could be left to feel hopeless and less worthy.

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