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24hr access to client portal

Our Bankruptcy Client Portal gives access to all the tools required the start the bankruptcy process. Our easy steps will collect all the information needed for the completion of your official court documents that can be very challenging and confusing. You will be able to get a step by step guide and tons of educational information to help with process.

Money back guarantee

If your case dismissed by the court due to an error caused by 247 Bankruptcy, we offer you a full refund minus $50 preparation (This is for time of delivery and possible mailing cost). We will also fix any mistakes made on our end as part of our 100% Accuracy guarantee. We want our clients to be happy and worried free with their decision. We guarantee that you can count on our services to assist in your financial goals. Your case will be treated with the care and respect that you deserve. Your concern is our priority!

Bankruptcy educational resources

247 Bankruptcy will do the touch work for you; however, we also provide learning materials that will give information about the entire bankruptcy process. Although, informational material may not fully predict your bankruptcy outcome, it most definitely give you the need information to guide you to the right choices for your case.

Emergency filling available

If you need Bankruptcy protection immediately, you can opt to file and emergency petition. Please contact us for more information.

Save up to 75%(Average cost of Bankruptcy is $1500-$2000)

Save up to 75% OFF a typical Bankruptcy cost. We specialize in NO ASSET bankruptcy cases. Most of our cases are file as PRO Se, which means the debtor is filing without and attorney. Our clients have seen this as a very affordable and quick way to file bankruptcy without the extreme cost and added expenses.

Easy to use online portal

Take advantage of our fast, reliable and easy to use online portal to organize bankruptcy filing. The online portal gives our client access to 247 Bankruptcy services anytime and anywhere.

Add a Spouse/Partner

Bankruptcy law allows the spouse to file for bankruptcy jointly. The married couple need to assess how much debt and properties each has separately. For partners with an excellent deal of joint debt can file for bankruptcy alone. However, joint bankruptcy filing may save some effort, time and fees.

The decision of adding a spouse in bankruptcy is a sensitive situation. If you have more questions whether you need to file for bankruptcy alone or add your spouse to file jointly, feel free to contact us.


Court Filing Fee

Filing fees are paid directly to the Bankruptcy court in the District you are filing.

$335 Chapter 7 filing fee

$310 Chapter 13 filing

You may be able to have Payment Options or request a waiver of your filing fee. (Waivers are mostly granted for filers that are below poverty level)

Most courts will allow installments up to 4 months or you can pay in full.

Course 1 – Pre - Credit Counseling

Successful completion of a certified bankruptcy Credit Counseling course is most likely required to file your petition.

Average Cost is $20 for the first course.

Course 2 – Post -Credit Counseling

You most likely will be required to take post bankruptcy filing Credit Counseling course. This course is due before your discharge can be granted.

Average Cost $10-$20

Duration: 2hours online

Legal Protection Plan (Highly Recommended)

It’s always important to have a qualified attorney to ask any legal questions that you may have. Learn more about our Legal Protection Plan.

It’s HIGHLY Recommended that you have signed up for legal advice during bankruptcy filing.

Add Co-debtor

You can choose to file bankruptcy as an individual or add a co-debtor such as a spouse or partner.

Cost: $50

Emergency Filing

Some cases are in need of immediate filing, such as in case of a foreclosure, garnishment or eviction. Some cases are in need of immediate filing, such as foreclosure, garnishment or eviction. We will make your case our #1 Priority and process your documents in 24hrs or less.

Rush Filing Fee $50


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